It (our card) works!! Here are a few from around the country:

“I just returned home from buying some car washing / wax /detail products from Pep Boys.  At the checkout counter I saw my Military Veteran ID card next to my credit card and showed it to the salesperson.  I was immediately given my 10% discount, saving me about $7!!  Thank you Military Veteran ID.”  Robert R. / Myrtle Beach FL.

“Wow, thank you.  On my recent trip to Home Depot and I showed my new Military Veteran ID, asked for the Veteran Discount, and saved 10% (about $15).”  Pete / San Antonio.

“I made reservations a Disneyland Resort, faxed them a copy of my new Military Veteran ID and they gave me a 10% discount.  Thanks.”  Andrew / Florida.

“Thanks Military Veteran ID.  I was about to do a kitchen remodel in my home and luckily a vet friend told me about getting my dd214id card.  I went online, got out my old dd214, took a head shot photo, followed the directions and ordered mine. It came in the mail in a week and I went to the Home Depot and asked about getting a Veteran Discount.  They immediately gave me 10% off my $18,690 order when I showed them my new ID. And they said Thank you for my service! I saved $1,870. WOW! Every Veteran needs this ID card.” Don B / Huston TX

“I went to Home Depot on Sunday and bought a new fan.  At the checkout I asked about my 10% Veteran discount and the clerk asked me to show an ID.  I got out my Military Veteran ID with my photo on it, and no questions were asked.  Saved $11, very nice, thank you dd214id.com.”  Will G / Raleigh NC.

“We were having dinner at Applebee’s and when the waiter brought our bill I showed her my Military Veteran ID and asked if they allowed a discount.  She was happy to offer 10% off of our bill.  Wow.  Thank you Military Veteran ID!”  Beverly H / Dallas.

“Dear friends, my family was dining at my local Mexican food chain and I showed my Military Veteran ID  and asked if they allow for discounts for Veterans.  The manger came over, said thank you and offered us 15% off our entire bill.  Thank you Military Veteran ID.  I am feeling proud as a Veteran.”  Bobby W / Clarksville TN.

“I went to my Home Depot and was ordering new kitchen cabinets. I showed my new Military Veteran ID card and they happily offered me 10% of my entire purchase, on the spot! Wow. And I was proud I was recognized as a Marine Vet”. Robert L / Jacksonville NC.

“I went into a Starbucks and showed my new Military Veteran ID while ordering a special coffee drink and asked if they gave a Veteran  discount.  They person apologized and said no, however she gave me my drink for free and thanked me for my service. And suggested that I write to corporate in Seattle.  Nice!!” Gail W. Los Angeles, Calif.